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Building Tomorrow's Future, Today.

Welcome to Nicholson Academy.


Access to property: know where and how to acquire the right premises and planning permissions


Access to finance: know how to price freeholds, secure funding and manage project finances & brokers etc


Access to skills: bridge the skills gap and recruit the brightest people for your project & marketing excellence 

Creating a new generation of property developers 

The market for luxury renal apartments for young professionals increases in the UK every year.


The country is in the grip of a major housing shortage.


The government sets housebuilding targets that are hard to meet, let alone exceed this is why we take advantage of permitted development rights for office-to-residential conversions.

Small-scale developers have a huge opportunity open to them. They can become the engine behind a real drive that sees more homes for this growing market on British streets, creating more luxury accommodation for tenants who deserve them.

Yet, developing these apartments isn’t easy. Learning how to access the necessary skills, buildings and finance can take years to get right.

The Nicholson Academy was created to solve this problem.

Our Academy helps aspiring property developers – at low cost – to build the essential knowledge they need to see their projects through to completion.

Enrol on our one-day, intensive Academy Course

Our one-day intensive Academy Course aims to put all the essential tools for successful property development at your fingertips. There’s no strict classroom set-up or homework.


Instead, you learn everything you need to know through real-life case studies, quick-fire presentations and hands-on group exercises led by property development professionals.

What’s more, up to 50 participants per event learn and hear from developers, advisers, planners, surveyors and solicitors with deep experience in their local area. The Academy not only teaches you new skills but will help you create a valuable network of contacts for the future.

To find out what’s on the agenda, who should apply and how to sign-up, Read More Here

Our Academy Course has been specially designed to cover everything that an aspiring developer should know before embarking on a construction project. The one-day agenda i...
2 Day Intensive Course | Liverpool
Started Mar 11, 2019
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