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Mission, Vision & Values

OUR Mission

We find beauty where others see problems, we think about our impact on the places we invest, changing them for the better. We pioneer urbanism, the success of a place is due to its people, its community. Our mission is to transform forgotten places focusing on creating better places. We thrive on the typical naysayer attitude of “it will never work”. With our passion, drive and ambition we bring our vision to reality – develop, innovate, inspire.


Our vision is to acquire unloved derelict buildings and bring them back to life to provide efficiently designed modern homes whilst respecting the heritage of the building. We are passionate about regeneration and uncovering value in places others don’t see – creating the location of the future whilst preserving the past.

OUR values

Nicholson Group presents a fusion of prime locations and stylish apartments within a metropolitan setting. We pride ourselves on successfully delivering town centre projects creating a vibrancy with our mixed-use schemes. We are dedicated to crafting luxurious products through imaginative design and high build quality.  Our focus is not just to build homes but to create an existence of style and comfort through our bespoke residential developments.

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