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Our Academy Course

Learn, Be Influenced & Network.

How it Works

Our Academy Course has been specially designed to cover everything that an aspiring developer should know before embarking on a project.

The two-day agenda is packed full of real-life case studies, presentations and group exercises, led by a range of property professionals with deep understanding of what it takes to make sure small-scale developments go smoothly.

Students learn first-hand from some of the best developers and advisers in the business.

They benefit too from building their own development networking – meeting like-minded people from their local area to share experiences and lessons, ideas and aspirations.

Student Beneficiary

  • Learn about building from scratch, on time and on budget

  • Meet like-minded developers and advisers from your local area

  • Build your network of useful industry contacts

  • Get the confidence to take the next step or make that leap into a new property career

  • Request time with a Nicholson Capital specialist for an impartial view on your prospective project & professional support with brokers, banks & advisors.

The Itinerary

Searching, evaluating and acquiring your site

Where can you find out about potential development opportunities? What are the key issues in evaluating sites? What does due diligence and executing the transaction involve?

Applying for and gaining the right planning permissions

Whether your site is a standard or complex case, how can you obtain the right planning permissions without incurring unnecessary costs and delays?

Establishing development costs & structuring your team

What consultants are involved in a development project and how should they all work with one another? Are you project managing your build, or will someone else run it for you? How do you insure yourself and your team against delays and accidents?

Getting the scheme built 

What are the different types of construction contract, and which is best for your build? What are the key terms and conditions to consider with contractors and suppliers?

establishing your company structure

What company structure is best for you? Will you have employees and what must you do to accommodate them?

securing finance & reviewing capital

How much is a site worth? What are the key development costs? How long will the project take? How do you stay on track?

Sales & Marketing

As the development nears completion, who will value and market the properties and then manage the sale processes? How much are the developments worth?

learn from real experts

What are the key lessons learnt by professionals, experienced developers that they want to impart to the next generation of property developers.

Should I Attend?

Anyone is welcome to attend the course.

Professional property experience isn’t a requirement, but students will be able to show a genuine interest in forging a career as an independent property developer.


Many participants will have specific projects in mind and will be looking for the inspiration or confidence needed to make the move into full-time development.


In cases where demand is high, preference may be shown to those with some prior property investment knowledge.


  • Liverpool

  • Leeds

  • London

  • Birmingham 

  • Newcastle



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