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St Helens town centre is undergoing a "renaissance", according to the Nicholson Group, with the company looking to revitalise the area.

Paul Nicholson and his team have been worked in the area for the past three years.

He believes the group's latest project – Nicholson Plaza – will become a catalyst for positive change.

"The design of the scheme from concept to delivery was always focussed on being a testament both to the industry of the vicinity's past and the vibrancy of the present and beyond," said Nicholson.

"We've created a striking façade with 12 stunning one-bedroom apartments, saturated in natural light, all completed to a very high specification that includes an exclusive tenant private rooftop terrace.

"When we acquired the site, it was a derelict building in poor condition. It is now home to successful businesses and occupiers making it their home."

The company has its sights set firmly on further acquisitions in the area.

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