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Construction Terms used When Buying Off Plan

If you are purchasing a property off plan, you will come across lots of construction terms to describe the build stage of your property. Here are some of the most common:

Rip Out When an existing building is quite literally ripped out. First works to take place during a renovation, even before plans are drawn up, as measurements are likely to be more accurate when the building is empty.

First Fix First fix is a build stage that describes all the works that have taken place to get the build to putting plaster on the internal walls. This covers a huge amount of work, including foundations, constructing and insulating walls, cellings and floors and introducing electric and water supply cables and pipes. Once this stage of the build is complete, it should always be signed off by a third party before the next works commence.

Second Fix Second fix, unsurprisingly, follows on from first fix, and comprises all the works that take place post plastering the walls. Sinks and showers are connected to water pipes and electrical appliances are connected to cables. Joinery also moves along, with doors, windows and kitchens being fitted.

Sign off Once a building is complete, it is the developer’s responsibility to get council sign off for the project. A build will only be signed off if the works are fully complete as described in the building consent, any recommended amendments or varication’s are carried out, all council fees are paid and it passes the final inspection. This offers buyers assurance that the building work has been completed to the appropriate standard.

There are, of course, many other stages to a build, and each one of the listed build stages can be broken down many more times – however the stages above are key, and represent real milestones in a builds progress.

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