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Investment Options

Three ways to invest in property development

We offer three routes to invest in property development, depending on the amount you want to invest and your personal goals. Talk to us today to discuss how we can tailor an investment strategy to your needs.


Equity Property Investing

Earn up to 8% per annum as an equity investor with Nicholson Capital. If you have capital to invest and want a large fixed return from property development with zero effort or hassle then talk to us about becoming a Nicholson Capital equity investor.

Typically, we bring equity investors on board on a fixed return basis – which varies depending on risk profile and security provided – to finance developments

If you are looking for an annual income from property, as well as an asset that gains in value, then you can purchase our buy-to-let properties to manage yourself, to be managed by a third party, or for us to fully manage on your behalf.

Buy to Let & Fully Managed

Investment Properties


Property Fund Investment

This is a tax efficient and hassle-free alternative to Buy-to-Let especially given recent changes to taxation of property income. Our portfolio has been running for 10 years and we have an established investment performance track record.

Please note this is not to be considered investment or tax advice. Investors should take professional independent advice before making any investment and be aware of the risks, the value of your investment and income from it can rise and fall and past performance is not an indicator of future results.


The click through to Property fund


We have opened our investment fund to allow investors to take advantage of our expertise in residential property management without the hassle and headache of getting their hands dirty! This is a method to invest in property but not just one and take advantage of investing across a large portfolio – as they say there is safety in numbers!


As a landlord for 10 years we have produced strong progressive profits establishing an enviable track record. We have a strong brand presence in our investment areas and benefit from one of the highest occupancy rates of all landlords across pour geographical area – meaning less voids and more income. Every element of the business is in house to further bolster profits keeping away high external contractor pricing.

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