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#NicoKnows: Digital Marketing Is Changing

Hi, All! My name is Callum and I Head the Marketing & Media Arm of the Nicholson Brand, Nicholson Media Group. Our CEO Paul usually does the #NicoKnows column but is unable to this week due to an exciting project which we will announce soon!

Instead of just talking about what I do, I thought I would give you a few tips on how the needs for digital marketing is essential (now more than ever) in the property industry.

Pop the kettle on and please read this 5 minute snippet into the changing face of marketing property.


Digital marketing is the future of real estate. The results are usually transformative.

It is true that people will make a final decision after seeing the property in person. But investors are likely to conduct a thorough research before viewing the properties. That said, it is ideal that you, as a landlord, have a strong online presence.

Furthermore, the digital conveniences can assist brokers in making the purchasing process a lot easier for their customers. As a landlord, you can give your potential customers tour to the properties you rent online. Then, you can make the paperwork process easier without the need to go to your office.

Digital marketing has not changed the market entirely. However, real estate developers are boosting their emphasis on online marketing for years.

The change has occurred due to the customers moving from conventional method to various digital tools. Purchasers now have a tendency to browse property on Google or they utilise an app that makes everything simple.

Ways that Digital Marketing will Change the Real Estate Market in 2019

Boost Exposure

Numerous commercial projects vary in size, cost, and location. With that in mind, digital presence becomes a vital task.

To stay on par with the changing scene, electronic marketers require remaining in line with the progressing technology patterns.

When you use social media marketing, for example, you need to relentlessly conduct research about your customers to know what makes them involved with brands.

Digital Marketing Automation

As a landlord, for example, there is not enough time for you to perform digital marketing on your own. Digital marketing requires you to be more engaging, develop more content and do more customisation.

Social Ad Campaigns

Social media is a reliable marketing channel. Several companies still do not totally comprehend how extremely effective these systems have ended up being.

A variety of fresh offers from the huge networks made it possible to get to target markets specifically and more effectively than in the past.

The trick to maximising it is to create advanced social projects that utilise the complete variety of tools and styles. Companies that invest in advanced social methods are most likely to find an outstanding ROI on their investment.

Influencer Marketing

People want authentic and real experiences. That’s why your potential clients are likely to believe a real person over the ad that you show. And this is where influencer marketing becomes useful. It is costly. But it is also effective.

If you use it in your property marketing, you need to find influencers that can reach out to your right consumers. To further assist your campaign, you can use an effective hashtag that your clients can remember easily.

"Digital marketing is useful. However, you must first understand your target audience. In this way, you can fine-tune your online branding to create a consistent online presence that can help your brand in becoming recognisable. - Callum Hesketh, Nicholson Media Group

Video Marketing

People buy from people (or in this case rent). Nicholson Media Group implement a video strategy to engage the customer in a more personal trust. Our CEO captures unscripted and unfiltered footage for viewers to get a real in-deph view of the highs & lows of what we do day-today. See Below:

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