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How It Works


We work with joint venture development partners and equity investors to fund developments which we then rent off-plan to buy-to-let property investors. Below we explain how you can achieve substantial returns from property without any prior knowledge or time by investing with us


Step 1. Identify Opportunities with Potential

We use our knowledge and contacts across the industry to find excellent off-market property and land development opportunities which can provide the best return on investment. We analyse each one carefully through thorough due diligence to ensure we only invest in properties which over excellent returns with minimal risk.

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Step 2. Finance The Development With Investors

We finance the developments through Joint Ventures with Equity Investors. We purchase properties via dedicated SPV’s (Special Purpose Vehicles), with an agreed profit share and investor funds helping cover immediate upfront expenses such as the initial loan and building works. The fixed return varies depending on the level of risk.

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Step 3. Design & Develop

Using our in house construction team, we maximise the development’s value through sensitive refurbishment or high quality and intelligent development. Because we have our own construction team we aren’t reliant on third party contractors so we can turn projects around quickly and efficiently to increase margins and the final ROI.


Step 4. Sell

We sell the properties off-plan for profit to investors & owner occupiers or we let them to tenants on behalf of investors. Again we use our in-house team to sell properties quickly in the right way to the right market which releases capital quickly back into the project.


Step 5. Return Capital Gains to Investors

Because we look after the whole process from start to finish we can offer excellent returns to our equity investors. Investors can expect to receive their initial investment plus final share of the profits within two to three years. We are often able to return some of this much earlier, however, by completing and refinancing/selling of the development in stages.

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